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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 10, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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this is kron4 news and we have some footage to show you from yesterday afternoon the occupy oakland protest. several students were arrested. we talked with a cow student that said he was hurt in the confrontation. >> this was completely unprovoked, there were jetting us in the stomach and then one time and i fail, they swung and hit my leg is pretty badly burned bruised--pretty badly bruised. and then they got me on this goal over and over again. >>justine: we will have more on this story coming up, stay with us. >>james: as for the occupy oakland movement, we saw a shouting match it up last night between the city council and the protesters. a news conference was called to say that the protesters
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need to be convicted from frank ogawa plaza they were concerned that the protesters were hurting city businesses. however a group of people that supported the occupy oakland movement tried to shout them down. [shouting] >> clothes are banks, not our schools! >>james: at last check for of the oakland city council members are calling for the immediate eviction of the occupy campers. meanwhile oakland mayor jean quan was unavailable yesterday her spokesperson said that she was too sick but that did not stop her from making a visit to the protesters at frank ogawa plaza. this picture was taken of her stocking by the encampment it was posted online by the oakland metropolitan chamber
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of commerce. and rest at the occupy san francisco camp site at justin herman plaza as well you can see video of a protester being taken into custody for throwing a beer bottle at the city work crews. tuesday the police say they found a gun of another man on the campsite. this is video of him being arrested. officials are not saying this year with a plan on doing with that encampment but the officials are concerned. yet today the ice skating rink open nearby and it often attracts lots of families, we will have to see what happens and how it turns out this year. stay with us and to continue to cover the occupy protesters around the bay area. we have the latest video and information on our web site and not forget to share your photographs and videos as well. you can also share your opinions as to continue the story. >>justine: another huge developing story comes out of penn state. the students on the campus and a part of
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downtown in a state college pennsylvania. this is video of them riding yesterday. this is new video as students and police clashed on moments after word spread that the school's president and a beloved head coach joe paterno were fired immediately. the penn state board of trustees voted unanimously to fire a legendary head football coach joe paterno. this is happening amid the growing fury over how the school handle sex abuse allegations against a former assistant coach. >> i would hope that everyone of gree--that everyone would agree that we are doing is the best for this university and this is much larger than the athletic program. >>justine: the president of penn state is also out of a job. and in their own defense, joe paterno maintain they were never made fully aware of the seriousness of these
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allegations. a few arrests have been made as the students continue to rally, we will monitor the even coming out of pennsylvania all day long for you right here on kron4. >>james: we will take a quick moment to get the latest on the forecast we have a weather system that is changing on us. >>erica: the morning james, we may not be is heavily impacted by that wet weather looking at tomorrow, but why we focus on today, for the most part we are dealing with clear conditions. patchy fog is forming for the north bay and east bay valleys. as we head into the afternoon this will be one of the warmest days of the week we will not see any '70's today, but most communities will sit in the upper 60s around the bay. we do have the potential about an 80 percent chance for whether i will show you where that will impact coming up in just a little bit. i do want to go to your current temperatures we are actually fairly warmer compared to the past couple of days. we're not at freezing right now. navato at 31 degrees,
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35 and settled in downtown san francisco is one of the warmer spots coming in at 51 degrees. we are about 1 degrees cooler than that in oakland. as you see where these temperatures will go on to the afternoon, you will see a lot of upper 60 today. take it there redwood city coming in at 69 degrees. the may squeeze out 71 degrees for those in our view of the most part of the south bay we're keeping it in the upper 60s as well. up to the north bay we are about one degree to two degrees warmer than what we were yesterday. there will be plenty of sunshine heading into the afternoon. now i do want to show you a wide view of the satellite and radar. you can actually see the system moving in a counterclockwise position. it will shift southward, that would change the timing exactly where the wet weather will hit as we head into tomorrow. our future forecast is set for 7:00 a.m. on friday. you will see
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some scattered showers mainly along the coast about the morning by three p m it looks like it is just hugging the coastline. the heaviest rainfall probably be around 5:00 p.m. while you are out on the roadways. we could see some moderate rainfall up into the north bay and everywhere north of san francisco. as we head into the evening and overnight hours by 9:00 p.m. it looks like we could see some drier conditions. the seven day around the forecast shows mild and warm conditions today but everything changes as we head into tomorrow. it may not be a total rainmaker but the scattered showers will definitely last until the weekend. the good news is as we begin the next work week we will see cloudy--partly cloudy conditions with temperatures on the warming trend. now there are no hot spots to tell you about on the road with. traffic is moving well from all three of the approaches and no
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metering lights to deal with. as we check out the san a tale bridge, the west bound and east bound conditions are equal right now. you can see all the space between cars on the right-hand side of your screen moving outwards foster city and here's a look at the golden gate bridge. south bound 101 shows those conditions that i was talking about with traffic moving at the limit. i want to take over to the traffic map to show what is going on in the south bay this morning. north bound is moving well out of the coyote valley. if you are taking highway 17 this morning looks like we are moving at the limit in both directions with no problem or delays to report. >>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning news stay with us at the thick the quick break with a live look outside from our roof camera in downtown san francisco. we will see you in just a few minutes.
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stolen from the facility by a family. yesterday this dog reappeared and restocks--and teresa estacio reports that james is ready to go home to his new adoptive family. >>reporter: james, disaffection puppy is back safe and secure at the san francisco spca. that was not the case when he was a abducted from the shelter. >> he was behind waspin and the family court made it an effort with a bomb behind a
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door, they got the puppy and wrapped him up in a blanket and then proceeded downhaul and out the door. >>reporter: the surveillance video capture the entire kidnapping his picture was released and the reward was given but still low james, wednesday afternoon about 24 hours after he was stolen the woman brought him back to the spca. she did not want to go on camera but she tells us that she bought him at a grocery store on tuesday evening from a strange man. he wanted $300 for james and she offered $200 and he said yes and she took him home. on wednesday morning she got a call from her mother telling her that james was stolen. >> she gave me a call and said she saw the dog on the news and i should go return it. >>justine: -- >>reporter: the young woman says she knows firsthand what is like to have a dog taken from its honor. >> recently, last year our
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dog was golden so i thought would be the right thing. >>reporter: james was scheduled to be a doctor right before being captured his new family said they are thrilled that he will once again be going home with them. >>justine: we will take a quick break on the kron4 morning news with a live look outside from our camera over mt. tam, we are tracking the rain, not for today to the looks pretty nice but we will find out what is in store for a wet friday when we come right back.
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>>erica: taking a look at our current temperatures around the board.--of around the bay. i want to walk you through the day and show you exactly where the temperatures will go. i have set the future passed for 7:00 a.m. and the purple on your screen indicates that we're holding on to some of the 30's into the north bay before the most part we will begin to see some 1450's down along the coast line and into the south bay this morning. by 11:00 a.m. you
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can see widespread green on your screen indicating for the most part that we will be in the '60s are ready and as we advance closer to the afternoon, the majority of the bay will be in the '60s. it looks like we will be dealing with some pretty mild conditions however everything changes as we head into the overnight hours as we take a wider view of satellite and radar you could see the system is spinning in a counterclockwise motion this motion will shift southward and it will change the timing of the storm anticipated for tomorrow in exactly which communities will be hit. the future forecast is set for 7:00 p.m. on friday. it shows the majority of the wet weather will fall into the south bay and in places like boulder creek will have about three tenths of an inch of rain there. there are trace amounts for both--for most of the bay area. as we advance into saturday, we're still contending with a
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little bit of whether we may see some rainfall for downtown san francisco and maybe a little bit of the north bay but the bulk of the wet weather will be everything, san jose south. it looked better news around the bay area you see this on your seven day forecast. we have the potential for rain on friday but as we head into the weekend will see is better showers mostly on saturday. sunday we could see more dry and cloudy conditions. >>erica: now looking at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is a nice and easy ride with no accidents to tell you about. there is no way at the toll plaza flats and no metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge ride, update you on this is nice and easy in both directions of highway 92. there are no delays at the toll plaza whatsoever.
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the drive time is running at 12 minutes from into in. your golden gate bridge ride, south bound 101 has a lot of space in between cars with no delays reporter for your ride out of marin county. as we take this or to the traffic maps we have some overnight construction in both directions of interstate 680. that is in effect until 5:00 a.m.. no delays to speak of, however highway 94 looks good i could gergen you will see all agree on your screen for your ride down the shore freeware--freeway. >>james: thank you very much erica, now the have more information on the conjoined twins that underwent surgery last week last night they got intensive care. they have now started physical therapy and doctors say the twins are not eating their favorite foods and watching their favorite disney
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shows. the girls were born conjoined at the chest and abdomen in 2009 in the philippines. the separation surgery was performed at the seal packard children's hospital in palo alto. >>justine: tensions are mounting across the california state university system amid the ongoing budget cuts. teachers are scandal to strike over pay what students are upset about tuition hikes. rob fladeboe reports that teachers and students marched in solidarity at san jose state. >> solidarity for ever! >>reporter: in a preview of next week's planned one day strike, san jose university faculty members hit the picket lines on wednesday. >> it will be historic it will be the first time that there will be strikes at the csu system which is the largest public university system in the united states, so it is a shame. >>reporter: the teachers say
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the csu a administration is refusing to honor the terms of the current contract calls for a 1.7 percent pay raise and they're not bargaining in good faith on a new contract. >> our contract will longer be in the hands of the department they will be in the hands of presidents and deans which means there will be thinking about money and not necessarily school. >>reporter: teachers and says the csu chancellor and other administrators are still making big money at the expense of the faculty and students who are facing higher tuition. there are also facing fewer class offerings and a longer road to graduation. >> as if to then make the big deal to me to have high- quality professors and if there is a bad contract or professor wants to teach at my university? if you want to attract good professors we have to have a good contract and that makes the difference for me. >>reporter: declaring themselves a part of the so- called 99% the teachers say they do not want to strike
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but they promise they will they have to. in san jose i am rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >>justine: in other news around the bay a 67 year-old man that spent four decades as a fugitive he is wanted, for opening fire on to san francisco police officers. he plans to fight separate charges against him in the 1971 murder of a san francisco police officer. >>james: contra costa county sheriff deputies are searching for this man, they say the victim pulled over on the exit of interstate 680 to get something out of the other side of his car and that is when this person appeared with a handgun and attempted to rob him, the two struggled and the gun went off shattering one of the car's windows. at that
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point the robber took off the victim was fortunately and entered the pleas are looking for the suspect. congressional republicans are investigating the collapse of the solar energy from solyndra. they say they have documents that contradict white house, this to the video of the president visiting solyndra the facility back in may. it was located in the south bay. the obama administration say never discussed linda loans with meetings with key investors and fund raising for the president but gop leaders say their documents prove that the white house political pressure the white--the government to give solyndra alone. the white house say they can prove the loan was made on merit. solyndra receive the loan last year and then file for bankruptcy in august and fortunately the government may never get that money back. >>justine: we have disturbing news out of the tsa, federal airport screeners say that they still find handguns in people's luggage every day. the head of the tsa
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revealed is that during a senate hearing yesterday.-- revealed this fact drinking a hearing committee yesterday. >> i reported that we find four to five guns each day at the airports. people have carry on bags that are trying to be on the plane and in the last seven days since the hearing, we have prevented over 30 more guns from being carried into the cabin of an airplane including nine just yesterday. >>justine: tsa official said passengers to the listed a forget the weapons are in their backs. he also announced that tsa plans to expand recheck program. airline passengers who volunteer information about themselves are allowed to skip the extensive screening programs. the pre check program began last up at airports in miami, dallas,
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detroit and atlanta it will expand to las vegas in december and then minneapolis st. paul early next year. >>james: we will take a quick break here. and in the next hour we will give you a look at the occupy movement across the bay area. we will show you the uc-berkeley campus, the ear is a look at the james lick free we will have more and live in a moment.
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>>justine: the morning discuss for 30 a.m.. check out the studio, police are clashing with students and cops are out there in full riot gear. this happens as the ec and the traders ordered officers to remove the encampment that is set up in front of a halt. it was desolate--that was set up in front of sprall hall.
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yesterday several protesters were arrested and dahlin was there and bring us the very latest. >>reporter: dozens of officers arrived removed and in front of the protesters wednesday night around 9:30 p.m.. in one case officers tackled a protester to the ground and beat him with a baton. see one offers on top and there is another officer on the side jabbing at the protesters stomach with a baton. we have two cameras that reported the confrontation it look like the protest to resisted arrest and stroh with the officers before they tackled him to the ground. as for the other protesters, some will push back and summer slam to the ground and many were handcuffed and detained. uc officials did one of protesters at officer of wood rated the in camera if it did not leave. this the second violent clash on wednesday between the two
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sides. >> this was completely unprovoked, they did to forms, they were chatting as in the stomach and then once when i felt, this one and hit my leg and is pretty badly bruised and in a swan and got me on this goal. >>reporter: this is video from the first clash that happened around 4:00 p.m. on wednesday afternoon. >>justine: an offer to share your photographs, videos and opinions with us on our facebook fan page and twitter feet.--feed.
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>>james: the latest out of penn state, joe paternal and the president was fired. this is the students' reaction expressing their outrage. that is a news van on its side. the police were there and you can see the amazing the crowd trying to get the students under control--macing the crowd trying to get the students under control. this was in the wake of the sex abuse scandal following a former assistant coach our reporter greg black has the latest. >>reporter: police used pepper spray on some penn state fans that to to the street after learning of the legendary coach joe paterno had been fired. the police responded after the crowd tore down the coast and took over a news van. earlier, the fan's expressed their support for joe paternal.--
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for joe paterno. >> they're going after the wrong guy, nothing has been proven wrong, if anyone joe is legally cleared so of anyone did right, it was him. >> i just do not understand how they can do this to penn state in general. he's been here so long he is retiring this season at him play his last game is that simple. >>reporter: at a late-night news conference the pen board announced that they want to fire joe paterno and the university president. >> these decisions are made after careful deliberations and in the best interests of the university as a whole. >>reporter: former assistant coach gary sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys from 1994 to 2009. some say the college leadership should've done
4:35 am
more after joe paternal learned of an incident in 2002. later and then set that sandusky inappropriately touched him when he was younger. >> on his interaction with me was limited to like a hand on the pie on a car ride. i got to go into a lot of football games, standing on the sidelines with him, family picnics but it never veered into anything overtly sexual but it certainly made me uncomfortable. sandusky is out on a $100,000 bail. >>james: joe paternal issued a statement saying they he was disappointed with the board's decision that has accepted it. >>justine: changing gears right now we will talk about the forecast erica is here
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it looks like it will be a beautiful day but she is keeping her eye on the rain for tomorrow. good morning. >>erica: good morning to you just seen. if you have things to do outside, take care of that today because the weather will change as we head into the weekend. this morning we see patchy fog in some pretty dense fog forming in the north bay and the east bay valleys. the good news is that will clear out as we head into the latter hours. by the afternoon we are dealing with the warmest day of the week. most communities will sit in the upper 60s around the bay and as we head in closer to tomorrow we do have the chance for what weather in the forecast stretching into the weekend. let us get to your temperatures right outside your door. we are a little bit warmer compared to last two days. we only have a couple places in the '30's. take a look.
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>>erica: as the check out the windshield because it is a little breezy of their-- out there, the temperatures are looking like this. i do want to show you where the temperatures will go to the afternoon. by 2:00 p.m. will mostly be dealing with the upper 60s like i said. >>erica: we do have a lot of
4:38 am
changes to talk about as we head into tomorrow. take it with your three day forecast. we are expecting showers on friday and at what weather could stay with us in the morning and through the evening. as we take a look at saturday, the chances are less likely but we have the potential for the morning showers and scattered showers with to the jews mostly in the '60s as we head toward sunday was the clearing and hopefully mostly partly cloudy conditions around the bay. now for the beginning of next week temperatures rebound ever so slightly year lows will stay in the '40's and i know it is not on the seven day forecast for the extended forecast, but the model shows that we could be dealing with some wet weather as we head into next thursday and friday as well. as for traffic there are no hot spots to tell you about the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. there are no problems
4:39 am
in either direction. traffic is flowing freely coming from all of the approaches. over at the san until bridge is a nice and easy ride in both directions. the golden gate bridge south bound 101, it looks like we have some activity out there. it looks like is a construction crew i checked the chp traffic clogs and have not seen anything. as we take over truck traffic map, the peninsula is moving well and there are no problem for the bayshore freeway in either direction, no accidents not even a stall to report. you have all agreed on the interstates indicating speeds over 50 mph. i shall do the san mateo bridge that is problem freak if you're taking the dunbar, you will see an empty span that mean speeds are over 60 mi. per
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hour. >>erica:guys. >>james: thank you so much, we will take a quick break and be back. @p@po'
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the >>james: herman cain is offering an apology for calling the >> nancy pelosi princess and during the debate. >>justine: we will take a live look outside and see what is happening on the golden gate. we will be right back in just a moment.
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>>james: we are back and in other deadly earthquake strikes turkey. this is the same area where the 7.2 struck back in october. you concede that latest video from the part of the world, five people died in the least 100 others were buried under the rubble. two reporters were buried under the rubble, but twittered updates indicate that they are alive and still communicating. men have been reports of after shocks as strong as 4.4. >>justine: and ethics storm
4:46 am
has slammed into alaska this is the strongest storm to hit the skate in four decades it sent water levels rising late wednesday night with flooding reported in areas. emergency officials warned that areas on the western coast of alaska were vulnerable to a surge of sea water. so far there have been no injuries and damage has been limited to a blown out the window and battered roofs. now let us talk with erica about our weather forecast as we have a great weather day in-store but the rain is moving in. >>erica: enjoy it while it lasts because today will be the nicest for the week. as
4:47 am
we head into the afternoon we will see sun shined in the overnight hours everything changes as the storm system pushes its way in. we have showers likely to our morning especially along the coastline. i want to get straight to the numbers and show you where you are right outside the door. ticket that santa rosa coming in at 35 degrees, 39 for those in fairfield and for other locations in the north bay it looks like we're sitting in the low 40's here. take a look at half moon bay right now at 39 degrees. it is a pretty chilly start your day. the purple on your screen indicates that some communities are holding on to the 30's before the most part we will see '40's and 50's. as we advance the
4:48 am
clock closer to 11:00 a.m. we see more green on the screen is the slip into the north bay indicating temperatures in the low 60s there. as he pushed closer to the afternoon by 2:00 p.m. you will see the widespread green in the king temperatures in most communities sitting in the upper 60s. i do want to show you a wider look at the satellite and radar because we have a lot of changes as we head into the next 24 hours. this system is happening towards us in a counterclockwise motion it will shift southward and that would change when we thought the storm would hit and who would be impacted. it shows that we are drive by 7:00 p.m. on friday the we have the system pushing its way on to the coastline. as we advance the clock throughout the morning you could see some scattered showers along the peninsula and the coastline by 3:00 p.m. looks like communities in the south they concede that what weather. by 5:00 p.m. it looks to be the heaviest we could see some moderate rainfall up into the north bay especially during the heart of your evening commute. certainly
4:49 am
be aware of any hazardous conditions out on the roadway. by 9:00 p.m. look like your drive around the bay is nice for the most part as the system continue to push its way around the bay. we have now conditions for today the wet weather is certainly on tap for most of the day tomorrow. we continue to see scattered showers at the hands the weekend partly cloudy conditions stretching into the middle of next week. as for traffic is a light ride around the bay area and there are no hot spots to tell you about. although we are seeing more cars on the road in the westbound direction here at the bay bridge toll plaza there are no metering lights to deal with. this drive is about nine minutes from the foot of the maze. your sent until drive is nice and easy in both directions there are-- there is a lot of space in between cars. your golden gate bridge rise south bound 101, the head light streaming toward san
4:50 am
francisco show a lot of space in between cars and the chp has no accidents or incidents to report. as the ticket over to the traffic mass this morning i want to show you some ease the conditions we see some slowing coming off a bit off my past approaching livermore that is what is the drop to about 35 mph. currently there are no problems or delays. as for public transit your good to go. >>james: thank you very much now wants are developing story this morning the occupy movement this time at the uc-berkeley campus and take a look at some of this graphic video from overnight as tension really peaked between police and protesters as they clashed on the berkeley campus. this is all after the use the minister of order police to remove the protesters--this
4:51 am
is all after the administrator ordered the police to remove the protesters from the plaza. this is not the only time that the clash with the protesters, earlier in the afternoon the police clashed with the protesters so at the university there at berkeley is making no mistake about it stands on an encampment on campus property. it will not happen and of course those tensions continue this morning. >>justine: we want you updated on what is happening right now will tran is live with the very latest. >>reporter: good morning there are a few dozen protesters in front of the in and attrition building you see them with their tents and sleeping bags. i just finished talking with the police department and said they had a policy in place before the occupation took place. they said you cannot put tens of or sleep on campus but as you can see that is exactly what is
4:52 am
going on i asked them why they allowing that because they took a hard stance, we shall deal how they try to dismantle the 10th. they say for now it is a wait and see obviously they can see detents year, but there are now moving in for whatever reason may be going through some of the tactics that this time that is going on beneath the sea off in the distance there are police officers in riot gear. they're not engaging with any of the protesters they're just standing there is peaceful for now but who knows what will happen and the reason why there are in front of this hall in the first place is because this is the administration building that houses the police department as well as where you get your financial aid. we will try to get reaction from the protesters coming up in just a few minutes from now. and >>james: also this morning, david stern the deadline to the players of the nba. they
4:53 am
met for 12 hours yesterday. the commissioner warned that if the players did not agreed by the end of business yesterday a far worse agreement will be coming instead he said the backup offer would only going to play at this current round of bargaining breaks down we will see what happens today. >>justine: a major league baseball player has been kidnapped from his home in venezuela. four armed man into the home of wilson ramose it last night and took him away in an suv. he'd just finished his season with the washington nationals. this of the action came it was the first one involving a major league baseball player. venezuela is home to many baseball players. we will keep you posted on his well-being. also, the contents of michael jackson's final home are up for sale and all of the items inside will be auctioned off next week including the bed that the king of pop died in. the
4:54 am
mansion that jackson rented and lived in with his three children from december of 2008 until his death in june of 2009 is up for sale separately. it is listed at $23.5 million. in the meantime, michael jackson's family is angry about an ms in b.c. documentary and a speech in interviews with dr. conrad murray who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. michael jackson and the doctor as the title of the documentary. in this nbc says that dr. murray will reveal personal details of his relationship with the singer and the events of that fateful day that led to michael jackson's death. jackson's brother jermaine said in the interview that the whole thing is ridiculous. >> this is ludicrous, this is crazy it is crazy because he is a liar. he had his chance in court and he did
4:55 am
not stand up and then made him a coward and now for him to say these things, there again money, he must have been paid handsomely to do this and that says a lot about in this nbc. >>justine: a spokesperson said no comment when they were asked by cnn to respond to a letter from the jackson estate. now we will take a look outside over the james lick freeway from our camera and we come back we will celebrate a very important birthday.
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>>justine: good morning at 4:57 a.m. it is happy birthday to the ipod. it was a decade ago today that industry for ever. apple debut the ipod with a slogan pocket. the first ipod had a 5 gb hard drive. over the
4:58 am
past 10 years apple has sold more than 320 million ipod around the world. here's a quick look at your 7 there around the bay it is a nice day today and temperatures are almost at 70. we are watching rain moves in for tomorrow i'll have all the details from the kron4 morning news coming right back at 5:00 a.m.. we will see you then as we take a live look at the berkeley campus were all is quiet that is not the case last night. we will show you all of the video of students clashing with the police. you will not want to miss this. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network
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in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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[music] >> darya: tense moments between police and protesters on the berkeley campus and may not be over. take a look at the video from last night as you can see the police are out in their right year for the second time in just one
5:01 am
day.--riot gear for the second time in london. it happened after the officers were told to remove the encampment set in front of sprall hall. officials say protesters decided to not comply with the rules and set up tents anyway and dubbed it occupy cal that is when this happened in the police moved in. >>james: this is a clip from youtube that illustrates some of the clashing you can see right with the police and protesters are meeting. police are pulling people off the steps, you can see them there jabbing the protesters with their batons trying to keep them back and all of this as the crowd chanted we are the 99 percent and others chanted stop beating students. will tran is live at the cal campus this morning. if you
5:02 am
look at that video there is no mistake about it, cal says you can not pitch a tent. >>reporter: i just finished talking with a uc-berkeley police officer and she said for now they are monitoring the situation and they know it isn't illegal but for logistical reasons are tactical reasons they are allowing that to go on. she gave me new numbers, the first wave took place at about 3:30 p.m. and then they came back once the sun came down altogether they arrested about 37 people charged with various crimes including the loitering and trespassing. you can see the officer's right there in their rights gear--riot gear. they are not talking to students and the students are not talking with them.
5:03 am
mutual aid will be called in from other departments if necessary. >>james: you can see where the university is coming from, you covered the story about the tree sitters that or they're protesting in the stadium for more than one year. well, i guess we lost him, but obviously the university does not want to relive that against of their making their position this time around very clear. the overnight clash was the second of the day, we have footage from earlier in the afternoon about 4:00 p.m. were several suspects were arrested the police to begin after students started building in kama for the night.
5:04 am
>> the police were jettisoned stuck-- stomach.--the police were chatting in the stomach. and then i felt, they were hitting me over and over again. >> darya: following the occupy all the movement we saw a shouting match take place. they stay the occupy protesters me to be evicted from the plaza, they are concerned that is zapping city resources and hurting business. the people of the process try to shout down the city council members.
5:05 am
>> darya: board members are now calling for the immediate eviction of the occupy protesters. stay with us as we continue this coverage of the occupy protesters around the bay area and around the country. you can share your photograph of videos and opinions with us on our facebook fan page and twittered. >>james: up dealing with whether we're watching the storm system approach california here is the latest with erica. >>erica: good morning james if you have outdoor plans we have a lot of changes to talk about with the storm system as we head into tomorrow right now we're taking a live look at conditions. we are dealing with some patchy fog in the north and east bay valleys.
5:06 am
that will clear as we head closer to 10:00 a.m.. as we head towards the afternoon the warmest day of the week showed most locations sitting in the upper 60s. we could squeeze out some '70s along the peninsula but we have the wet weather expected for tomorrow and stretching into the weekend. >>erica: now as we check out with the temperatures will go for the rest of the day, the purple indicates some temperatures are holding on to the 30's, but for the most part will be in the 40's and '50's around the bay. around 11:00 a.m. you see more green on your screen indicating places thing in the low 60s. by 2:00 p.m. pretty much everyone is dealing with the high 60s. neighborhood by neighborhood to see everyone in the upper 60s really not
5:07 am
dealing with any '50s this afternoon and i want to look at your satellite and radar. we do have this system moving towards us in a counterclockwise direction that will move southward and it would change the timing of the storm and exactly who will get hit by it. 1:07 a.m. friday you can see the system is pushing its way along the coastline as investors sought closer to 3:00 p.m. looks like we could see some scattered showers along the coast may be some peninsula locations down in the south bay. by 5:00 p.m. we could see some actual moderate downcourt for places up to the north bay like san raphael. even stretching down toward san francisco and the evening and overnight hours it looked like we will dry out as the system pushes eastward. we will be dry by 9:00 p.m.. you will see that on your sunday of town the day forecast. whether it's stretching into the weekend and we could see scattered showers the good news is that we will dry up and see a little sunshine as we begin the next work week.
5:08 am
your time right now is 5:07 a.m. and we have george with a look at your traffic. >> george: thank you erica, we are off to a good start this morning we are not tracking any hot spots and no major incidents is. the westbound ride is pretty light, we have sparse traffic with no delays across the upper deck and easy ride of the approaches. is that until drive looks good as well. the right side of your screen shows the commute direction heading for those are the headlights back towards hayward. and 1 01 south bound shows and easy ride coming from and headed to marin county. the crews are working now to change over the lan configuration. here is an east bay check every look for your ride on a 80. 680 south has no problems and the right in the south bay is an easy one, to 80 out to the west valley is
5:09 am
delay free and no problem for the guadalupe parkway or 485. in no--the north bay the marin county ride looks fine. we will take a quick break and be back with more, stay with us.
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5:12 am
captured some of the crazy moments overnight at penn state. that is a news ban on its side. students upset about the decision on joe paterno. the lease ended up missing some of the students. head coach joe paterno was fired, effective immediately. the president of the university is also out
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>>james: conjoined twins that underwent a tan our separation surgery last week are out of intensive care. they have now started physical therapy. doctors say that the twins are also eating their favorite foods in watching their favorite television shows. their recovery is progressing well. they were born conjoined at the chest and abdomen. the separation surgery was performed in palo alto. >>darya: and eight week-old puppy is a live from a san francisco animal shelter has been returned and is going on with his adopted family. this is james. he was a pit bull makes. he was taken from the facility on tuesday
5:17 am
afternoon. the shelter has video footage of those responsible. it was a latino couple accompanied by a child. there, you concede there were last seen driving an older white sedan, possibly a honda accord or toyota >>james: a woman ended up its purchasing the puppy from in front of grocery store, she saw on the news that it was stolen and return to the puppy. >>darya: that is an adorable puppies. >>james: let's focus on the weather. we have changes of late. >>erica: and a lot of changes to talk about. for now, we want to enjoy it warm temperatures around the bay area. a look at what is on tap for the next 24 hours. a critical start to the morning with locations in the upper 30's. we are
5:18 am
also contending with fall.-- fog. mostly sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s. as we head into the overnight hours, the system pushes its way through closer to the coast line. we could have some wet weather tomorrow morning. temperatures outside the door, taking a look at santa rosa. holding steady at 35 degrees. we have not seen fluctuation up with is temperatures throughout the hour. deerfield 39, low forties for other places. in the south bay, and we are dealing with low '40's. >>erica: we will see where the temperatures go into the afternoon. by 2:00 p.m., a pretty tight range of numbers. mostly everyone in the upper 60s. in the south bay, places like san jose
5:19 am
and morgan hill, plenty of sunshine. temperatures 1-2 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are keeping our eyes on the wet weather. as we take a look at the satellite into radar view, the satellite is spinning counterclockwise. it will move southward. no. they will not see too much in the wake of rain fall. as we advance the clock a.m., we will see we are dealing with trace amounts. a little bit of rain in the north bay, the heavy stuff is located in the south bay. places like santa cruz will be hit hardest. plenty of rain for friday. as we stretched to the weekend, we will maybe see scattered showers here or there. temperatures are
5:20 am
on the rise as we head into the beginning of next week. clear conditions in a partly cloudy for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >>george: the traffic is still pretty quiet. we are not tracking any hot spots around the bay area. we are not looking at and the slow spots. it is a good start to the morning ride. let's start our bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no delays or problems, the approaches to the bridge looks good. at the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound, the headlights are northbound. that is plenty for the little traffic easy right now. let's get a check on traffic
5:21 am
maps. derived from marin count >>james: this sexual harassment claims against herman cain were not a welcome the topic during the republican debate. the audience booed when cain was asked where the american people should be cautious about electing a president with character issues. here is how herman team responded. >> none of that activity came from herman cain. this country is looking for leadership. this is why a lot of people, despite what has happened, are still very enthusiastic behind my
5:22 am
candidacy. >>james: he is also apologizing for offering to nancy pelosi as princess nancy during the debate. >>darya: therefore screeners say they are still finding handstands in people's luggage every day.--airport screeners are saying that they still are finding handguns in people's luggage every day. >> our officers find 4-5 guns on average each day across the for ended 50 airports. people who have carry-on bags that are trying to get on the airplane, in the last seven days, we have prevented over 30 more guns from being carried into the cabin of an airplane. 9 it just yesterday. >>darya: csa says passengers
5:23 am
typically say they forgot the weapon was in their
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
in >>darya: congressional republicans are investigating the collapse of solyndra. they have documents that contradicted the white house. here is video of the president visiting solyndra in may.
5:27 am
the obama administration said that it never discussed the solyndra loan in meetings with key investors but gop leaders say that their documents prove the white house pressure the department of energy to give solyndra the $500 million loan. the white house says the same document approved the loan was made on merit. >>james: the deadline for david stern has passed without a deal for the nba and its players. players and owners met for more this fall hours yesterday. >>james: a major league baseball player has been kidnapped from his home in
5:28 am
venezuela. officials say that four armed men entered the home of remo's last night. he just finished his rookie season with the washington national. the abduction is the first case involving a major league baseball player. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes with more on the occupy movement causing a clash at cal berkeley. we will be right back. this
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>darya: is 5:30 a.m.. in a developing story, the tense moments in the tension between police and protesters at cal berkeley, here, you can see protesters
5:31 am
taking over the campus and clashing with police. the police are and ride year for the second time in one day. this happening as uc administrators ordered officers to remove the encampment that the students set up. the administrators say they told students that they could protests as a part of the occupy movement if they did not pitch tents. they did pitch tents and that is when police moved in. >>james: that is not the only video we have. protesters shot this video with a cell phone. you can see officers with batons out in the right gear. there are jabbing at protesters, trying to keep them at bay. this happened at the steps of the university administration building. it was tense all my long and all afternoon. this is the second instance in which police and protesters clashed. will tran and is
5:32 am
there this morning keeping tabs on the latest with the situation. >>will: the tents are here and still be legal. i try to ask them why the tents were allowed here, the reason why police officers moved in, 37 arrests approximately. he says right now it is logistically, they're keeping a close eye on them. they do not even one sleeping bags here because there's no lodging on campus. if you put your sleeping bag year and fall asleep, that is technically illegal. there are a lot of people out here. we do not
5:33 am
see the tense situation that we saw yesterday but nonetheless students are very much a furious. we spoke with many of them who say they are upset for one reason and one reason only, the increase in tuition. one student says it costs as much as going to a private school even though it is a public school. they want transparency. this has been going on for years which is why they are upset. police officers are there but they are not engaging. they are here at the administration building. this is where they receive financial aid. they are saying tuition should not be as high as it is. >>james: we will keep an eye on the situation out there.
5:34 am
>>darya: a shouting match erupted at lake merritt. [shuting] >>darya: there are four oakland city council members calling for the
5:35 am
immediate eviction of occupy oakland protesters. mayor jean quan was unavailable yesterday as we continue to cover her role in all this. her spokesperson said she was too sick. here, she was seen smiling in the sunshine with the protesters. >>james: this protester was taken away in custody after throwing a beer bottle at a public works--at a public works worker. businesses in the area are concerned. another protester was found with a gun. just yesterday, the skating rink opened nearby. stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the occupy protests. do not
5:36 am
forget to share your photographs and videos. >>darya: we are taking a look at the weather. >>erica: he will need a jacket this morning. temperatures in the '30's. temperatures in the 30's for right now. it looks like downtown san francisco is one of the warmer spots this morning. it is a bit breezy. when you factor in the wind
5:37 am
chill. this is but temperatures feel like. temperatures drop to about 34 degrees. a breezy start to the morning. temperatures for the most part will be in the upper 60s. green indicates temperatures in the low 60s. by 2:00 p.m., a lot of green indicating temperatures in the upper 60s. we do have the potential for wet weather as we head into tomorrow. it will happen during the overnight hours. here is a look at what is on tap for friday, saturday and sunday. it is really a
5:38 am
coastal of and. as we head into sunday we will see clear and dry conditions. i will show you your 7 day around the bay in my next report. a lot more sunshine and another possibility for wet weather. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spot. there are no construction tieups around the bay area. on the bay bridge westbound, the volume is getting heavier but there are no delays westbound.
5:39 am
>>george: looking at the east a ride, starting with the commute on 680 southbound, it looks good to the dublin interchange.
5:40 am
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5:43 am
>>darya: and another developing story out of pennsylvania, penn state students rioted, check this out. paterno ended the school's president are fired immediately. the board of trustees voted unanimously to fire the legendary head football coach. stern has maintained that he was never made fully aware of the serious sex allegations against the assistant coach jerry sandusky however in the grand jury testimony, there are witnesses that say they did report to them and tell them what was going on. the time is 5:43 a.m.,
5:44 am
we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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5:47 am
>>james: another deadly earthquake strikes turkey. here is the latest video coming from that part of the world. rescuers are pulling survivors from the rubble. at least five people are dead. more than 100 others are buried under rubble. in all, 25 buildings collapsed. there were two reporters buried under rubble but they are senegal messages through twitter.-- but they are sending out messages through twitter. >>james: an epic storm and a last a breeding hurricane force winds and massive snow fall. this is video, the strongest storm to hit the state in four decades. the
5:48 am
emergency officials are warning that areas on alaskas west coast line are some vulnerable to surges of sea water like the ones you see on this home video. there have been no reports of injuries. damage so far has been limited to blown out windows and a battered roofs. >>darya: we're going to switch gears and go to our weather with erica. >>erica: a lot to talk about. it's pleasant conditions as we head into the afternoon. we're definitely dealing with cold temperatures. we are looking at conditions from the james lick. patchy fog in the north and east bay valleys. that will clear as we head closer to 10:00 p.m.. today will be the warmest day of the week. most locations in the upper 60s. we could squeeze out low 70's. we do have a glut weather as we head into tomorrow ended the
5:49 am
weekend.--we do have wet weather as we head into tomorrow in the weekend. if thirties-'50s all around the bay. a couple of places in the north they are holding on to the 40's. check out santa rosa. and things will warm up nicely as we head into the afternoon. we will see a lot of 60s. upper 60s. we're working with a tight range of temperatures. 69 is the anticipated number for redwood city. there is a wet
5:50 am
weather pushing its way closer to the coastline. as we advance to 3:00 p.m., you could see scattered showers into the north bay and along the coast. even wet weather in to the south bay as well. by 5:00 p.m. it looks like the rain will take up. for the evening commute we could see some moderate rainfall for san rafael and downtown san francisco. as we advanced the clock throughout the evening we will see dry conditions, clear conditions. your 7 day around the bay forecast highlights wet weather for friday and stretching into the weekend we could see the potential for scattered showers. for the most part highs in the mid-60s and lows in the '40's. as we head into monday, tuesday
5:51 am
and wednesday, dry conditions and partly cloudy conditions. >>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot free drive. traffic on the freeway is still doing pretty well. the volume is a little bit lighter than usual westbound. the san mateo bridge at last check looked good. you will see that the ride heading westbound is still pretty light with no problems. let's take a look at east bay traffic. their ride on
5:52 am
680 south and 80 westbound, hercules to berkeley is a good ride. the south bay freeways are problem free. there are no delays or problems through marin county. 101 southbound looks good. >>james: a 67 year-old man who spent four decades as a fugitive is preparing to turn themselves in. he is wanted for opening fire on to south san francisco police officers back in 1968. his attorneys say they will plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon but he plans to fight separate charges in a 1971 murder of a san francisco police officer. >>james: contra costa at sheriff's deputies are taking--are looking for this man. investigators say the victim told over on the
5:53 am
interstate and that is when this suspect came up with a gun and tried to rob him. the two struggled and the gun went off shattering a window. the victim, fortunately, was uninjured. >>darya: there are too into up teen-agers behind bars in addition to three already arrested in concord last week. they are accused in at least seven heists that took place is at gas stations and convenience stores. both teenagers admitted their roles in the robberies and have been booked into juvenile hall. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. costs
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>>darya: happy birthday to the ipod. it was a decade ago that apple changed the music industry for ever, debuting the ipod slogan, 1000 songs in your pocket. the first ipod had a 5 gb hard drive. remember the wheel? >>james: and it looked so small band. >>darya: it had a 10 hour battery life. it is amazing, over the past 10 years over three of the 20 million ipod have been sold worldwide. they have gotten smaller and much >>james: we're back with more in a moment, this is a picture of life in front of uc-berkeley. riot police clashed with protesters last night. the latest in a moment.
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